Description: Edit

This can be used for Windows XP as a way to show the desktop. Alternatively, you can use the Windows shortcut "WIN + D" to get to the desktop.

To Resolve: Edit

1. Create a notepad document and paste this:






2. Save the file as "Show Desktop.scf" to the "C:\" root.

3. Now create a blank text document and save as "whateveryouwant.exe" and right click - create a shortcut of the .exe on the desktop.

4. Right click on the shortcut and change the icon to something that will remind you of "Show Desktop"

5. Rename the shortcut to "Show Desktop" and place that in the Task Bar (Right Click - Pin to Task Bar)

6. Right click on the .exe you placed and go to properties - target location - "C:\Show Desktop.scf"

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