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Description: Edit

Linux Mint is the 4th most popular OS in the world behind Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu. It is based on Ubuntu but has kind of went it's own path. I personally like the KDE Plasma shell, so I chose the 64b installer from here ( Feel free to download whichever one you plan to use.

Key Notes: Edit

1. When you install, you can choose between KDE and GNOME setups. I advice you check out which one you like better by visiting their links. KDE = "" and GNOME "".

2. Common downloads are called “DEB Packages” (Debian Packages) see here ( You may also find "Tarballs" which are the equivalent to zip file downloads.

3. You should use the "Software Updater" to update packages but from CLI, it uses "sudo apt-get update" or "sudo apt-get upgrade"

4. You use “Wine” to run Windows applications: Follow this ( article.

Keyboard Shortcuts: == Note that since Linux is highly customizable, you should go to Start – Applications – Configure Desktop to setup your own keyboard shortcuts that fit you best. Here are some common ones:

Start menu shortcut: Alt+F1 (Changed to Win +E or “Meta” E) Under the "Plasma Desktop Shell"

Task manager: Ctrl+Esc

Virtual desktop manager: Ctrl+F8/9

Switch between windows: Alt+Tab

Open command line: Ctrl+Alt+F1

To leave command line: Ctrl+Alt+F7

Run: Alt+F2 (Changed to Win+R) Under the "Run Command Interface" section

Close a window: Atl+F4

Minimize a window:  (Default: Blank) (Changed to Win+M) Under the "Kwin" section

CLI (Command Line Interface): Common Commands Edit

NOTE: Some commands have to be ran from the root user! To do this, you type "sudo" before the command. Alternatively, you can place "Konsole" on your desktop with root access granted, you will have to enter your password to launch it though.

Learning Commands:

Display man pages containing keyword: man -k keyword

Show the manual for command: man command

Make a pdf of a manual page: man -t man | ps2pdf - > man.pdf 

Show possible locations of app: whereis app

List manual pages for subject: apropos subject

System Info Commands:

Show the current date and time date: date

Show kernel information: uname -a

Show memory and swap usage: free

Show disk usage: df -h

Running Processes/ Press “q” to exit: top

For an extensive list, click here (

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