Description: Edit

Sometimes, you may want to check the Windows Host file for bogus redirects by viruses or if you just want the computer to know to resolve a particular IP to a hostname, you will want to modify this file.

To Resolve: Edit

1. Run - C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\Etc\ - open that up. Navigate to the host file - double click - open with - Notepad. Alternatively, you may have to Search - notepad - right-click - "run as administrator". Once opened, navigate to that directory and open "hosts".

2. Once inside, make sure the bottom doesn't have any phony IP addresses to host names. While your in there, add the server to your network by going to the last line - enter the IP address of the server (which should be static) - Tab - the Servers Name. Ex: Server

If It Doesn't Let You Save: Edit

1. Run - cmd - sfc /scannow

2. Rename the host file and recreate it from another workstation. Make sure to take off the extension so that it's just a plain "file".

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