After installing Linux Mint with the KDE desktop I did a couple things after install to tweak the OS to my liking.

To Get Desktop Icons To Have White Text:

1. Go to /usr/share/themes/Adwaita/gtk-3.0/ and add the following text to the file named gtk.css:

.nemo-desktop.nemo-canvas-item {

color: #FFFFFF;

text-shadow: 1px 1px @desktop_item_text_shadow;


.nemo-desktop.nemo-canvas-item:selected {

background-color: alpha(#D64A38, 0.9);

background-image: none;

color: #FFFFFF;

text-shadow: none;


You can replace Adwaita with whatever theme you’re using and the

color codes to whichever colors you choose (#FFFFFF is for white, which 

is perfect for me)

To Install Cinnamon Along Side KDE:

1. First, get familiar with these 3 packages:

kWIN - desktop manager - wobbly windows/ ect. 

Compiz - Desktop manager

Fusion- For multiple desktop environments, you can switch between them.

2. I ran "apt-get install cinnamon". This will install Cinnamon.

Issue: After I installed Cinnamon on top of KDE and rebooted, I lost a lot of changes that I had made on the Cinnamon DE (desktop environment) and it would only let me login to my KDE DE. 

To Fix: In the KDE DE, I went to Configure Desktop - MDM (login Window section) - and changed the sections that checked the "Limit Session Output" and "Filter the session output".  



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