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When working with printer issues. Always go to the manufacturer's website and make sure you have the correct version of the driver for the OS that you are installing the printer on.

Known Issues Edit

Sometimes HP Printers don't want to cooperate with Windows 7 64 bit OS's. The best fix for this is to "downgrade" to Universal 5 PCL Drivers instead of Universal 6 PCL Drivers.

For Windows 32 bit OS's sharing out HP printers to 64 bit OS's there is a variety of problems "Connecting" to the shared printer:

You have to get the EXACT driver for the EXACT model of that printer. You cannot use "Universal" drivers, even though these will be the main ones available on the HP website.

You should consider the idea of sharing out the printer from a 64 bit OS instead.

HP tech support will tell you that if the printer doesn't have a "DN" or a "N" at the end of the model number, it most likely will not support networking capabilities.