Commonly Used CMD Shortcuts: Edit

chkdsk /x - Checks A File System and fixes errors

defrag.exe c: - Defrags the system C Drive

ipconfig - Configure IP

whoami - Displays domain/ username

hostname - Name Of Computer

pathping + web address - Ping with TraceRoute

sfc /scannow - System File Checker

ping + web address - Test A Network Connection

tracert - Traces A Route

systeminfo| Find "Time" - Find out the last time the server was rebooted

ping -t - Constant ping to an address

WMIC BIOS GET SERIALNUMBER - Use to get serial number to Dell

ipconfig /all - IP Configuration - Show more info 

ipconfig /release - Releases a current IP

ipconfig /renew - Renews an IP address if on DHCP

For more info on these commands and what they do, go to

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