Keyboard Shortcuts: Edit

Alt + Tab - Browse Through Open Windows

Alt + F4 - Closes Selected Window

Shift + Delete - Deletes Item without Recycle Bin

Win + F - Finds any File or Folder

Win + L - Locks The Computer

Win + Shift + M - Maximizes All Minimized Windows

Alt + Space + X - Maximizes Selected Window

Alt + Space + N - Minimizes Selected Window

Win + D / Win + D - Hitting it twice: Minimizes/ Maximizes All Windows

Ctrl + Tab - Move Through the Tabs In Dialog Box

Win + E - My Computer

Win + P - Panel Display (Multiple Monitors)

Ctrl + N - Opens A New Page with the Same Address In IE

Alt + Enter - Properties of Highlighted Item

Win + Pause/ Break - System Properties

Win + R - Run

Ctrl + Shift + Esc - Task Manager

Ctrl + Shift + Enter after searching "cmd" - Opens Command Prompt with Administrator Rights

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