Run Commands: Edit

appwiz.cpl - Add/ Remove Programs

wscui.cpl - Action Center/ Security Center Alerts

control admintools - Admin Tools

cmd - Command Prompt

compmgmt.msc - Computer Management

control - Control Panel

devmgmt.msc - Device Manager

firewall.cpl - Firewall Properties

control folders - Folder Properties

gpedit.msc - Group Policy Editor

powercfg.cpl - Power Settings

inetcpl.cpl - Internet Properties

secpol.msc - Local Security Settings

lusrmgr.msc - Local Users and Groups

mmc - Microsoft Management Console

ncpa.cpl - Network Connections

cleanmgr.exe - Disk Cleanup

mspaint - Paint

powercfg.cpl - Power Options

notepad - Notepad

regedit - Registry Editor

mstsc - Remote Desktop Connection

control schedtasks - Scheduled Tasks

msconfig - System Configuration Monitor

dxdiag - System Info

msinfo32 - System Info (my preference)

sysdm.cp - System Properties

Favorite Run Commands: Edit

1. mstsc - Used to remote to other machines inside and outside of your network. For a full list of switches, see


mstsc /f - Enters a RDP session in full screen.

mstsc /admin- Enters a RDP session as a console session. Note this used to be mstsc /console. See for details. 

2. compmgmt.msc - Computer Management - Used to many common tasks, works best if the computer is on a workgroup. It brings up Users and Computers (lusrmgr.msc), Device Manager (devmgmt.msc), Event Viewer (eventvwr.msc), Services (services.msc), and others. If the computer is on a domain, you will need to use the "Administrative Tools" on the DC to other tasks such as adding, deleting, or modifying users/ groups in AD (Active Directory).

3. resmon - Resource Monitor - Lets you see in real time what the status is of the CPU, Memory, Disk, and Network in more details that your common Task Manager (taskmgr).

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