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Viruses get on PC's in a number of ways but the most common is through pop up ads on the internet or email attachments. I tell customers all the time that the people who write viruses nowadays don't require you to be on the internet to get a virus, you computer just has to have CONNECTION to the internet to get infected. Remember to tell them that there is no absolute way not to get a virus on a computer unless you unplug the ethernet cable and never install anything on it.

Common Signs of An Infection: ===

  • Computer is real slow -If you can try and open Task Manager and look at the Performance tab, or just Run - resmon.
  • Annoying Pop Up Windows - Customer will have pop ups about a program "scanning" their computer for a virus when it is itself a virus.
  • Anything that Blocks you from desktop when you login. These are common like the FBI and CryptoViruses. They belong to a class called ransomware.

First Things To Check: ===

  • Memory Usage
  • Processes
  • Run - %temp% (Windows 7)

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