Description: Edit

Sometimes, to resolve networking issues, you will notice that Windows Time can play a significant role and is usually overlooked. Follow these steps to get a computer to get back on the correct time.

To Resolve: Edit

1. Run - timedate.cpl - Find the name of the time server in the "Internet Time - Change Settings" tab.

2. Try to ping the name of the time server.

3. If it doesn't work, Run - cmd - net stop w32time

4. Next line: w32tm /unregister

5. Next line: w32tm /register

6. Next line: net start w32time

7. If you get "Access Denied" messages anywhere in there, just try going back to timedate.cpl and changing the servers to one of these:

8. For me, the issue was resolved on the last step. After changing the time server, it worked right away!

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